Our mission

We love great design and want to change the classic "Formal Business Look" and "Standard Business Look". Most of the clothes for a business look are rather classic and quickly look conservative.

Often only grey and blue shades are worn as colours to create a familiar pattern and confidence with standardisation.

Our clothing has a larger selection of patterns and a more varied color palette, more combination options and yet does not appear informal. With us, you will find something special that makes you stand out from the crowd, yet still dresses you appropriately from the customer presentation to the board meeting.

Our goal is therefore simple:

"Dress the world better!"

Our values

Our values are the inspiration for our daily work.

  • People: Our clothing as an external appearance is the first figurehead and promotes solidarity between people.
  • Passion: Our products are designed with passion and are worn by ourselves. There is no garment on the market that we do not wear ourselves.
  • Sustainability: For us, sustainability means that our products are already geared to a second product life. The quality and the designs enable the transition into the recycling economy of used clothing.
  • Environment: We save on packaging, which is good for the environment and saves us money. We would also like to return this and do without the decimal places in the prices.

Our products

We always select our products with the greatest care according to defined standards. In addition to intensive quality tests, we also test our clothing on ourselves.

Our customers

Our customers love our wonderful, carefully selected products and our attentive service. They set and live highest demands on quality and design.